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Green Lakes Accounting and Tax Services, LLC


Tamara Crawford CPA

19083 Saddleback Ln

Bend, OR 97703

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What You Need to Bring to your Appointment:                                                         

W2's - Wage statements from your employer


1099-G or W2-Gs Unemployment, state refund and gambling winnings


1099-Int, 1099-Div, 1099-B  Interest, dividends, and investment info


1099-Misc  Private contractor or self employment income


1099-R   Pension or retirement income, also some insurance disbursements

1099-SSA  Social Security or Railroad Retirement statements


K-1  Partnership, S-corp, trust inheritance


Alimony paid or received and spouse’s SSN


Rental property income and expenses


Self Employment income and expenses, include Profit & Loss statement if you have one.